As Alex D. Opal:


Boundary Conditions from Evernight Press

Leviss has been a soldier of the elite space mercenaries known as the Sea Guard for most of his life, surviving mission after deadly mission while the rest of his cohort hasn’t.¬† Scarred and reeling from having been left by his spouse, he takes a mission that he knows from the start he will hate: acting as the bodyguard for a cybernetically enhanced, quasi-telepathic ambassador.

Ambassador Najee is a man overly inquisitive about the pasts of others and unwilling to share his own. But while his motives may be mysterious, who he wants isn’t: Leviss. Soon it’s Leviss’s hatred of ambassadors and his determination to not be distracted from his mission pitted against a lust that will not be denied.

Be Warned: m/m sex, public exhibition, erotic asphyxiation


As Poofy Smoulders:


Wefted from Amazon and Smashwords

Procrastination always screws Melissa over when it comes to cosplay, but this time the screwing becomes a lot more literal when the wig she’s working on develops a mind and appetites of its own.

Be Warned: consentacles, cosplay erotica